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Revised Ranges for Tesla ‘s Model S, X, and Y Following EPA Testing Update


  • Tesla updates vehicle ranges following EPA changes.

  • Model Y range reduced, new colors introduced.

  • Model S and X ranges also see adjustments.

Tesla has updated the estimated ranges for several of its models due to changes in the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) testing procedures, which now offer a more accurate reflection of actual driving distances. The Model Y, in particular, has seen a decrease in its previously stated ranges, aligning with the new testing guidelines, alongside the introduction of two fresh color options.

New Ranges and Colors for Model Y

Specifically, the Model Y Long Range and Performance versions have seen their estimated ranges decrease to 310 and 285 miles, respectively. These changes coincide with the addition of Stealth Grey and Ultra Red to the Model Y’s color palette.

Model S and X Also Affected

The adjustments extend beyond the Model Y to Tesla’s premium vehicles, the Model S and Model X. The high-performance Model S Plaid now boasts a range of 359 miles, reduced from 396 miles, while the Model X Plaid’s range has been adjusted to 326 miles from 333. Furthermore, the Model S Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive’s maximum speed has been lowered to 130 MPH.

These revisions stem from the EPA’s newly adopted testing approach, introduced in July 2022 and applicable to vehicles from the 2024 model year onwards. This strategy aims to guarantee consistent label data that better represents real-world performance, as well as simplify the testing process for manufacturers.

While reports from other media suggest Tesla’s range adjustments might be related to Department of Justice inquiries alleging overstatements of vehicle range, the actual range can be influenced by several factors, including driving habits and environmental conditions.

Tesla’s Model 3 and Cybertruck remain unaffected by these updates. However, it is likely that other electric vehicle manufacturers will also begin revising their range estimates in light of the EPA’s updated testing regimen.

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