Rocket League Bids Farewell to Player-to-Player Trading

11 October, 2023 - 4:43 pm (57 days ago)
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Rocket League a popular vehicular soccer video game, is about to see a significant shift in its dynamics. In a move to synchronize with its parent company, Epic Games, Developer Psyonix has decided to discontinue its player-to-player trading feature from December 5 at 4PM PST.

Trading Sites Labelled Fraudulent

Historically, trading had added an intriguing external layer to the game, where players could find and negotiate exchanges with partners. These exchanges often occurred on third-party platforms which facilitated swaps. Post the cutoff date, these third-party websites will no longer have any legitimate functionality concerning Rocket League, with Psyonix labelling them as “fraudulent”.

For those players concerned about their accumulated items or those borrowed from others, the developer made it clear. Players can still use the Trade-In system for Core Items, Tournament Items, and Blueprints to exchange unwanted or duplicate items for a new item of higher rarity. All past trades will remain unaffected, but players should note that any trades made after the cutoff are irreversible. Psyonix’s support team will not be offering assistance to reverse trades, reinforcing the finality of transactions.

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Cross-game Ownership: A New Horizon

Behind this pivotal change lies Epic Games’ perspective on in-game cosmetic and item shop policies which prohibits the sale, trade, or transfer of in-game items. Aligning Rocket League with these policies might have an added advantage for players. Psyonix teased the potential for some of Rocket League’s iconic vehicles to make appearances in other Epic Games titles, hinting at the concept of cross-game ownership.

Community Backlash

The change hasn’t been warmly received by the game’s fan base. Social media platforms like Reddit were ablaze with critiques from disappointed players. With a track record of discontinuing loot boxes in 2019 and then reintroducing them with a more transparent design, this recent change has left many questioning the company’s priorities.

Following a turbulent phase, where Epic Games laid off 16% of its workforce citing financial challenges, this decision can be viewed in multiple lights. Whether it’s a strategic move for future integrations or a reflection of the company’s financial situation remains a topic of discussion.

A Game in Transition

While the long-term effects of this decision on the Rocket League community remain uncertain, it’s evident that the landscape of the game is evolving. As the gaming industry continues to adjust to changing dynamics, only time will tell if this move will be a net positive or a step backward for Rocket League.

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