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Samsung and Microsoft Collaborate to Turn Galaxy Phones into Webcams for PCs


  • Samsung, Microsoft enable Galaxy as PC webcam.

  • Feature integrates with Windows, enhances calls.

  • Debuting on Galaxy Book 4, supports Android 9+.

Samsung Galaxy smartphone owners with Windows PCs are poised to receive a feature that transforms their mobile cameras into computer webcams. This innovation results from a partnership between Samsung and Microsoft, revealed at CES 2024, which will be delivered through an update to the Link to Windows service.

Enhanced Connectivity Between Devices

The upcoming feature will allow users to seamlessly link their Galaxy devices with their Windows PCs, enabling the smartphone’s camera to be utilized in webcam-compatible applications, including Microsoft Teams.

Advanced Camera Controls and Effects

With a simple click, individuals can toggle between their phone’s front and back cameras and apply a range of effects, such as blurring the background and auto-framing, to improve the quality of their video communications.

This integration brings the convenience of a portable webcam while leveraging the high-definition visuals of a smartphone camera, enriching both mobile and desktop experiences.

The feature is slated to premiere on Samsung’s Galaxy Book 4 series and will also support older Galaxy phone models running Android 9 or later. The timeline for extending this functionality to additional devices remains unspecified.

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