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Santa Catarina’s Innovative Raffle: Win a Tesla Model 3 by Paying Property Taxes


  • Santa Catarina launches Tesla raffle.

  • Property tax payment grants raffle entry.

  • Nuevo León incentivizes Tesla's presence.

In the Mexican city of Santa Catarina, home to Tesla‘s upcoming Giga Mexico, a unique raffle is taking place, offering residents the chance to win one of two Tesla Model 3 vehicles. The catch – to qualify for the “New Year, New Tesla” raffle, participants must promptly pay their property taxes early in the year 2024.

Timely Tax Payments Lead to Exciting Rewards

Starting January 1, 2024, Santa Catarina locals can enter the raffle by settling their property tax dues within the first six weeks. Mayor Jesús Nava expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative by saying, “Satisfy your property tax obligations and you might just start driving a new Tesla.” The offer aims to encourage residents to fulfil their civic duties while creating buzz around the new Tesla facility.

Lucky Draw and Gigafactory Developments

Only those who pay their taxes by February 6, 2024, will be entered into the drawing scheduled for February 7. Meanwhile, preparations for the Tesla District are underway, with the Nuevo León Government beginning construction work near the Monterrey-Saltillo Highway. These efforts signal strong regional support for Tesla’s expansion in Mexico.

Nuevo León’s commitment to Tesla’s new gigafactory is further evidenced by the approval of significant financial incentives. Following Tesla’s announcement of the gigafactory’s location, the state provided a $153 million incentive package, demonstrating a partnership likely to benefit the region’s economic development.

  • Santa Catarina launches Tesla raffle.
  • Property tax payment grants raffle entry.
  • Nuevo León incentivizes Tesla’s presence.
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