Scarlett Johansson Sues AI App for Unauthorized Use of Her Image in Ad Campaign

2 November, 2023 - 4:05 pm (35 days ago)
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A prominent case is unfolding as Scarlett Johansson clashes with an AI app developer over unauthorized advertisement usage. The actor, known for her role as Black Widow, asserts her image and voice were used without consent in a promotional piece for Lisa AI: 90s Yearbook & Avatar.

The ad in question, featuring an AI-generated voice similar to Johansson’s, insinuated her endorsement of the app. Legal steps have been initiated, with her attorney, Kevin Yorn, actively handling the case, emphasizing the seriousness of the infringement.

The contentious ad initially displayed Johansson during a film shoot, inviting viewers to join her. It then shifted to a voiceover by a synthetic voice, promoting the AI app’s capabilities to create images, texts, and videos.

Despite a disclaimer in the ad disassociating the content from Johansson, the incident has sparked legal scrutiny. The app, developed by Convert Software, is still available on major platforms, although the advertisement has been retracted.

This development has reignited the conversation around digital rights and privacy in the era of AI, where celebrities’ likenesses can be replicated with startling accuracy. Not isolated to Johansson, similar incidents have involved other celebrities like Tom Hanks, who cautioned fans against an AI-generated video endorsing a dental plan.

With AI technology more accessible, the legal landscape is evolving to address such privacy invasions, hinting at more rigorous confrontations ahead as public figures defend their rights against digital impersonations.

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