ServiceNow Now Assist announced the expansion of its productive AI agents

17 November, 2023 - 1:30 pm (20 days ago)
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ServiceNow Inc., a prominent player in information technology workflow management, has recently announced an expansion of its Now Assist generative AI agents. This development represents a significant stride in automating and enhancing workflow management processes across various industries.

Groundbreaking AI Integration

ServiceNow has integrated its new AI capabilities into its cloud platform, which is widely used by IT and human resources teams for diverse tasks ranging from employee support to cybersecurity. The platform, extending beyond IT departments, also processes customer service tickets. The integration of generative AI into ServiceNow’s offerings signifies a notable advance in the field of workflow automation.

Enhanced User Experience

The Now Assist in Virtual Agent tool enables the creation of AI chat experiences swiftly, boasting advanced features like Q&A in knowledge management and multi-turn conversations. This tool not only simplifies interactions but also ensures that the most up-to-date information is accessible from internal knowledge bases or service catalogs. Additionally, the tool’s ability to provide contextual information upon request further enhances its utility.

Streamlining Workflow Creation

A new tool, Flow Generation, aims to revolutionize workflow creation. It converts plain text into low-code workflows, thereby significantly reducing the time developers spend on manual flow automation. The tool allows for continuous adjustments and refinements, accelerating the development process and facilitating faster automation rollouts.

Field Service Management Simplified

Now Assist for Field Service Management focuses on optimizing the work order process by leveraging generative AI. This is particularly beneficial for field technicians who rely on mobile devices and need to efficiently move between sites. The tool summarizes work order tasks by accessing all activities and incidental data, thus improving documentation, compliance, and consistency.

Beyond Trend Following

While ServiceNow’s move could be seen as joining the generative AI trend sparked by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, the company has been integrating AI into its platform for years. It has developed its own domain-specific Now large language model, trained on its workflows and data, to offer specific task assistance within its platform. This approach promises a superior user experience, enhanced transparency, and improved governance and data security.

ServiceNow’s Vision

CJ Desai, President and COO of ServiceNow, emphasizes the role of AI in enabling faster execution and smarter decision-making for companies. He underscores ServiceNow’s commitment to leading the integration of generative AI, aiming to provide secure and confident AI utilization for businesses to achieve speed and value.

ServiceNow’s latest advancements align with Gartner® forecasts, predicting significant spending on AI in the coming years. These enhancements in ServiceNow’s portfolio are expected to drive transformation across industries, offering quick implementations and a rapid return on investment. The integration of these advanced AI solutions into the ServiceNow Platform is set to redefine user experiences and elevate productivity levels, marking a new era in digital workflow management.

ServiceNow’s strategy in integrating generative AI reflects a deep understanding of its customers’ needs and a commitment to providing solutions that not only streamline processes but also enable smarter, faster business decisions.

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