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Sony’s Bend Studio Teases New Project in the Works


  • Bend Studio teases a new game after Days Gone.

  • Enigmatic tweet suggests positive development progress.

  • Reveal could potentially happen in 2024, including multiplayer.

Sony’s Bend Studio, the creators of the successful open-world survival game Days Gone, which sold over 7.3 million units by fiscal year 2020, has been relatively quiet since their unsuccessful pitch for a sequel. However, it appears that the team has been diligently working on a fresh title. The anticipation is building within the studio as they hint at an eagerness to showcase their upcoming project to the world.

An official announcement or reveal of the new game has yet to be planned, but Bend Studio gave a cryptic yet optimistic response to a fan’s inquiry on Twitter about the new IP, simply stating, “We cooking.” This suggests that the development of the new project is progressing positively.

Details about the new IP are scarce, but it is known that the game will build upon the open-world mechanics seen in Days Gone. It will feature a completely new setting, one that the development team is thrilled to develop, and will also include a multiplayer component. Bend Studio has stated that they will unveil the game when the timing is appropriate, hinting that a reveal could possibly happen in 2024.

Days Gone remains available to players on the PS5 and PC platforms, where it continues to attract fans of the genre. Reviews of the PC version of the game highlight its quality and enduring appeal.

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