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Strategic Alliance Formed to Revolutionize AI in Medical Imaging


  • AiOne and unite to innovate medical imaging.

  • Augmento aims to accelerate and refine diagnostic processes.

  • Partnership expected to advance patient care in the UK.

A new collaboration between AiOne Healthcare Technologies and is promising to revolutionize the field of medical imaging by enhancing the precision of diagnostics through artificial intelligence (AI). This alliance aims to combine the expertise of the two companies to improve the efficacy of radiological assessments and optimize the operational flow for medical facilities. AiOne is set to facilitate’s entry into the UK market, where the demand for advanced healthcare solutions presents a significant opportunity.

Augmento: A Game-Changer for Radiological Analysis

DeepTek’s principal offering, Augmento, brings AI-driven efficiencies to radiologists, providing real-time data and automating mundane tasks to sharpen diagnostic capabilities and hasten report turnaround by up to half the current time. This technological advancement is poised to raise diagnostic precision by approximately 20%, representing a substantial leap forward for medical imaging.

Approval and Anticipation for Enhanced Patient Care

Complementing its portfolio, DeepTek’s chest x-ray solution, Genki, has been sanctioned by the Thai FDA, reinforcing the global reach and regulatory acknowledgement of the company’s AI tools. DeepTek’s leadership anticipates that their AI solutions will significantly elevate patient treatment standards within the UK’s esteemed healthcare system.

AiOne, which specializes in fusing AI with healthcare operations, shares this vision for progress in patient care. Dr. Santosh Pillai of AiOne expresses enthusiasm for introducing DeepTek’s AI innovations to the UK, highlighting the potential these technologies hold in transforming medical imaging analysis and improving patient outcomes.

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