Sustainable Packaging Meets NHS Digital Health Innovations

9 October, 2023 - 3:02 pm (56 days ago)
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Macpac and the NHS have been pouring substantial investments into improving their respective industries. Let’s take a closer look at how these investments might reshape the sectors they operate in.

Macpac’s Production Boost

Macpac, the renowned sustainable thermoformed packaging product manufacturer, is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a bang. Marking the occasion with a £1.5 million investment, they’ve installed the Illig RDKP 72 thermoforming system at their Stockport hub. This high-speed equipment, running at 55 cycles per minute, promises to bolster Macpac’s output capacities. With its ability to handle varied materials and quick tool changes, it’s a pivotal asset for the firm’s future growth.

Previous additions, like the Illig RD74 machine, have already added significant value, allowing for integrated punching processes. Graham Kershaw, at the helm of Macpac, envisions this investment expanding their foothold in both domestic and global markets.

Another noteworthy point is Macpac’s strong dedication to sustainability. Recycling roughly 680,000kg of r-PET annually, they exemplify responsible production in the thermoforming sector.

NHS’s Digital Approach to Bed Management

The National Health Service (NHS) is adopting a digital approach to combat escalating patient waitlists. A whopping £68m investment into electronic bed and capacity management systems (eBCMS) aims to streamline patient management for 15 of its trusts, identified as lagging in A&E wait times.

The timeline for this investment spans three years, with expected results visible by the close of the 2023-24 fiscal. The chosen trusts will see various enhancements, from the installation of new systems to the optimization of existing ones. For example, the adoption of Real-Time Location Services, mirroring the successful model from Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust, will help hospitals efficiently manage bed capacities.

Digital Health Intelligence, shedding light on the UK health IT sector, offers intricate details on this transformative eBCMS move in their recent report.

Both Macpac and the NHS are paving the way for innovations in their fields. Macpac’s advancements promise to cater to rising demands with agility, while the NHS’s digital transformation aspires to better patient management and care. These investments, undoubtedly, signify a forward-thinking approach, ready to address present challenges and future demands.

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