Tesla Cyberquad for Kids is Once Again on Sale in the Tesla Shop

16 November, 2023 - 3:39 pm (14 days ago)
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Radio Flyer, a century-old American icon known for its classic red wagons, has made a comeback in the electric vehicle market for kids. The Tesla Cyberquad for Kids, a miniature, battery-powered ATV inspired by the unreleased Cybertruck, is once again up for grabs on the Tesla Shop. This follows a recall in 2022 due to non-compliance with safety standards.

The original Model 914, launched in December 2021, had safety shortcomings identified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). It failed to meet federal safety standards for youth ATVs, lacking adequate mechanical suspension, maximum tire pressure, and an approved ATV action plan. Around 5,000 units were sold before the recall, and customers were fully refunded.

Radio Flyer has addressed these concerns in the newly released Model 915. The revamped version boasts a steel tube with rubber-coated metal inserts replacing the rear spring, securing the rear frame to the main frame. This adjustment, along with an updated age recommendation of 9-12 years, aligns the product with CPSC requirements and ASTM F963 Toy Safety Standards.

Features and Specifications

The Cyberquad for Kids retains its allure with a 500-watt motor, achieving a top speed of 10 mph. It boasts an impressive 15-mile range, LED headlights and taillights, and high-pressure rubber air tires, echoing the ruggedness of its Cybertruck inspiration. Parents can regulate the speed, reducing it to 5 mph for added safety.

Radio Flyer’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the 36V battery, promising lower environmental impact, prolonged run time, and faster recharge compared to competitors. Additionally, the updated model features new safety labels, including a tire inflation warning on the front-left fender, and a clear declaration of its non-ATV, on-road use designation.

Market Impact and Availability

The re-release of the Cyberquad for Kids highlights the increasing interest in electric vehicles for children, with Radio Flyer also offering mini versions of Tesla’s Model S and Model Y. Despite the initial setback, the collaboration between Tesla and Radio Flyer reflects a growing trend in combining traditional toy manufacturing with cutting-edge electric vehicle technology.

Available exclusively on Tesla’s website for $1,900, the Cyberquad for Kids is an enticing option for eco-conscious families seeking a blend of innovation and safety. With orders set to ship in late November, it represents a significant step forward in the niche market of electric toys and a testament to the resilience and adaptability of both Tesla and Radio Flyer in addressing safety concerns while keeping the spirit of adventure alive in children’s play.

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