The long-standing patent dispute between Caltech and Apple and Broadcom has been resolved

13 October, 2023 - 4:08 pm (55 days ago)
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The longstanding patent dispute between the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and tech giants Apple and Broadcom has found its resolution.

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Stemming from allegations made in 2016 by Caltech, it was posited that Apple devices with Broadcom chips, numbering in the millions, breached the institute’s wireless-communication patent rights.

Last year’s jury verdict resulted in a massive financial burden on Apple and Broadcom, demanding they pay $837.8 million and $270.2 million, respectively.

However, in a twist, a U.S. appeals court later dismissed the award as “legally unsupportable,” prompting the need for a re-evaluation of damages. The expected trial in June for this reassessment was indefinitely deferred in May.

Other Tech Companies in the Fray

Interestingly, this isn’t Caltech’s sole legal pursuit related to its Wi-Fi patents. The institute reached a settlement with Samsung last August. Tech behemoths such as Microsoft, Dell, and HP remain on Caltech’s radar, with legal actions still underway.

Reflections on the Case

While the exact details of the resolution between Caltech, Apple, and Broadcom remain undisclosed, this case brings to the forefront the intricate web of patent rights and the importance of clear legal delineations in the world of tech.

As tech companies and educational institutions continue to innovate, the balance between collaboration and legal protection will always remain a point of contention.

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