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The Nexus of Sports and Technology: Tiger Woods Parts with Nike, AI Innovations Unveiled at CES 2024


  • Tiger Woods ends his groundbreaking Nike deal.

  • CES 2024 highlights AMD and Nvidia's AI chips.

  • Apple announces its Apple Vision Pro headset.

A significant shift has occurred in the sports marketing landscape as Tiger Woods concludes a long-standing endorsement partnership with Nike. Concurrently, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 spotlights the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) chips, hinting at how technology continues to revolutionize our daily lives.

Tiger Woods’ Momentous Farewell to Nike

The legendary golfer, who turned professional in 1996, had inked a $40 million deal with Nike, setting a record in the golfing world. This alliance would later amass an estimated $660 million for Woods over nearly three decades. While the last deal was signed in 2013, Nike ceased manufacturing golf equipment in 2016, although they still maintain a presence in golf apparel. Speculations hint at potential partnerships for Woods with other brands, but nothing has been confirmed.

Woods expressed gratitude for the journey with Nike, acknowledging the mutual benefits of the collaboration. With Nike’s withdrawal from golf equipment production, Woods may explore other partnerships, with rumors linking him to various apparel and equipment manufacturers.

Revolutionary AI Chips Take the Spotlight

At the forefront of AI technology, AMD and Nvidia launched new chips at CES. AMD aims to challenge Nvidia’s dominance with its Instinct MI300X and MI300A processors, alongside the Ryzen 8040 Series for desktops. These unveilings demonstrate AMD’s commitment to enhancing AI capabilities for consumers.

Nvidia responded with updated desktop AI chips, including the GeForce RTX 4080 Super and the SUPER product lines. These products are available in various laptop brands, showcasing Nvidia’s commitment to integrating AI into consumer technology. Meanwhile, Intel’s Core Ultra range, which debuted last fall, has been incorporated into laptops already on the market.

Apple joins the technological innovation race, announcing the pre-order date for its $3,500 Apple Vision Pro headset, establishing itself in the high-end consumer electronics segment. These headsets will be available in stores and online in early February, marking another milestone in wearable AI technology.

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