The Second Season of “The Last of Us” will Start Filming on 7 January 2024

15 November, 2023 - 7:07 pm (16 days ago)
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The much-anticipated second season of HBO‘s “The Last of Us” is set to begin production on January 7, 2024, after being delayed due to recent strikes in Hollywood. As revealed by the film and TV production tracking website Production List, the filming location shifts to British Columbia, specifically Vancouver, diverging from Alberta where the first season was shot.

Casting Insights

Intriguing casting news has emerged, as Kaitlyn Dever, renowned for roles in “Unbelievable,” “Dopesick,” and “Justified,” is reportedly in talks to portray the character Abby. Her potential casting follows her praised performance in the sci-fi horror film “No One Will Save You.” Interestingly, Dever was also a popular fan choice for the role of Ellie before the show’s first season commenced.

Adapting the Sequel

Season 2 is expected to delve into the intense and polarizing narrative of “The Last of Us Part II,” a story that grapples with themes of violence, revenge, and forgiveness. The show’s lead writer Craig Mazin, alongside original game creator Neil Druckmann, has hinted at both parallels and deviations from the game, promising a mix of familiar and enriched elements in the upcoming season.

Production Challenges

Pedro Pascal, who plays Joel, has prioritized Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator 2,” suggesting that “The Last of Us” season 2 might have to accommodate his schedule. Delays in “Gladiator 2” could potentially affect the filming of the HBO series.

Antagonist’s Entry

The introduction of Abby Anderson, a pivotal antagonist in the game, is a significant element of the upcoming season. HBO has been meticulous in finding the right actress for this role, with Dever currently being the prime candidate.

Accolades and Expectations

“The Last of Us” season 1 received critical acclaim, garnering nominations for Best Adaptation at The Game Awards 2023 and multiple Emmy nods. The anticipation for season 2 is high, with fans eagerly awaiting official announcements on its release.

The transition into the second season of “The Last of Us” marks an intriguing phase for HBO, balancing the challenges of adapting a complex narrative with the excitement of introducing new elements and characters. The series’ success has been underpinned by its faithful adaptation and strong performances, setting a high bar for the upcoming season. With the stakes raised and a dedicated fanbase, the series is poised to continue its impressive run, maintaining its position as a benchmark in video game adaptations.

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