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The Supreme Court Chief Justice Calls for Caution in AI’s Legal Applications


  • AI impacts legal field; Chief Justice urges caution.

  • AI "hallucinations" cited in court papers, raise reliability issues.

  • New rule may mandate human review of AI-generated legal texts.

In his annual report, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts highlighted the transformative yet challenging implications of artificial intelligence (AI) on the legal system, advocating for a prudent approach.

AI as a Double-Edged Sword in Justice

Roberts acknowledged AI’s potential to democratize access to legal services, particularly for underprivileged clients, by streamlining research and expediting case resolution. Nonetheless, he warned of risks such as privacy breaches and the incompatibility of AI with nuanced human judgement.

The Chief Justice’s remarks underscore the profound changes AI technologies bring to judicial processes, evident in their current use and challenges faced by lower courts integrating these tools.

Fictitious AI Data Misleads Legal Professionals

Roberts expressed concern over “AI hallucinations,” where AI generates inaccurate legal information, leading to the citation of non-existent case law. He criticized the sole reliance on AI for legal work, citing a high-profile incident where Michael Cohen’s attorney mistakenly referenced AI-generated fake cases in court filings.

This example serves as a cautionary tale about the pitfalls of unchecked AI reliance in legal proceedings, as shown by the false citations made in efforts to conclude Cohen’s legal conflicts related to the 2016 presidential campaign.

Regulatory Measures Advocate Human Oversight

With growing concerns, a federal appeals court in New Orleans proposed a rule that would require attorneys to either avoid AI-generated texts or to verify such content via human oversight before submission to court. This illustrates the legal community’s struggle to balance AI advantages with the need for maintaining the integrity and reliability of legal processes.

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