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Third-Party Developers Step Up to Expand Apple Vision Pro’s App Ecosystem


  • Developer launches Juno for YouTube on Vision Pro.

  • App availability grows with over 600 apps planned.

  • Mixed reality market potential lures third-party devs.

The recent launch of the Apple Vision Pro has ignited developer interest in expanding the device’s app offerings. Despite the lack of an official YouTube app from Google, developer Christian Selig has stepped in to fill the void with Juno for YouTube, a dedicated app tailored for the Vision Pro, retailing at $4.99. This app enhances user experience with features such as adjustable playback window size, repositioning options, and a dimming function for an immersive virtual cinema environment.

Expanding the Mixed Reality Experience

While Google has no immediate plans to develop a YouTube app for the Vision Pro, users can currently access YouTube content via the Safari browser on the device. In contrast, the Juno for YouTube app offers an optimized alternative for Vision Pro users seeking a better viewing experience. This initiative reflects the broader trend of developers building apps specifically for Apple’s mixed reality ecosystem.

The Vision Pro’s app landscape showed promise as it hit the market, with over 600 apps announced to be in the pipeline. Existing apps like Adobe’s Firefly AI are pioneering the integration of creative tools into mixed reality, allowing users to generate AI-powered images from text prompts that appear before their eyes.

Developers Navigate a Nascent Market

Despite the enthusiasm, some major content providers like Netflix and Spotify remain absent from the Vision Pro’s app selection, chiefly due to their restrictive policies on third-party developer access. This has left a gap in the market that developers are yet to fill.

The initial user base size for the Vision Pro has caused developers to cautiously consider the viability of supporting the platform. Nevertheless, the innovative features and capabilities of the headset suggest a rapid rise in popularity is on the horizon, which may eventually encourage more developers to join the ecosystem.

The growth of the app library for the Apple Vision Pro is a testament to the drive and ingenuity of third-party developers who are committed to enhancing the mixed reality experience for users. Amidst the absence of some key players in the entertainment industry, the proactive approach taken by independent developers like Christian Selig indicates a vibrant future for the platform’s app ecosystem.