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Thriving Modding Scene Elevates “Starfield” Ahead of Official Tool Release


  • "Starfield" enjoys a proactive modding scene pre-official tools.

  • Over 6,500 mods already exist, with millions of downloads.

  • Future modding tools will enable creation of whole planets.

Bethesda Game Studios is renowned for its RPGs that gain extended longevity through modding, a trend evidently continuing with the studio’s latest venture, “Starfield”. The game’s modding community has hit the ground running, demonstrating an impressive level of activity even before the release of the official modding tools projected for later this year. These tools will grant access to the Creation Engine toolset, further spurring community-created content.

Vibrant Modding Community in Action

On the prominent modding platform NexusMods, “Starfield” boasts over 6,500 mods, securing the 12th spot for total mod count and ranking 17th in download frequency. The most sought-after mod, StarUI Inventory, which enhances the game’s user interface and menu systems, has been downloaded a staggering 1.4 million times. Following closely is the Starfield Script Extender, accruing 1.2 million downloads, which provides new scripting capabilities and enhancements to the game.

Future Prospects for “Starfield”

Director Todd Howard has previously touted “Starfield” as a haven for modders, alluding to the extensive possibilities upcoming modding tools will offer, including the ability to create entire planets. As the community eagerly anticipates these developments, Bethesda Game Studios is concurrently working on introducing new travel methods, gameplay mechanics, shipbuilding features, and the “Shattered Space” expansion for the interstellar RPG.

“Starfield” is currently playable on Xbox Series X/S and PC platforms, with various reviews highlighting its expansive and intricate design.

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