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TikTok Expands Video Length to Rival YouTube


  • TikTok tests 30-minute video uploads.

  • Move challenges YouTube's video domain.

  • Content patterns may shift with new feature.

In an ambitious move reminiscent of the defunct Quibi platform, TikTok is venturing into extended content territory, aiming to directly challenge YouTube. The social media titan is experimenting with a new feature that would allow creators to upload videos of up to half an hour in duration, a significant increase from the current 10-minute cap.

Extended Video Length Feature in Beta Testing

This revelation came to light when social media consultant Matt Navarra encountered the update while exploring the latest beta version of the TikTok app. The platform’s strategic shift towards longer content is indicative of its growing aspirations to become a more comprehensive source of entertainment, potentially attracting a different viewership demographic.

Strategic Move in the Social Media Landscape

TikTok’s initiative to extend video lengths underscores its intention to intensify the competitive dynamics with YouTube, which has long dominated the long-form video segment. This development could signal a significant transformation in content consumption patterns on mobile devices, where TikTok has traditionally excelled with short-form videos.

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