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Toshiba Unveils Advanced Photocoupler for Automotive Solid-State Relays


  • Toshiba releases a high-voltage photocoupler for automotive relays.

  • The TLX9910 operates with twice the open voltage of current models.

  • It powers itself using LED light, simplifying system design.

Toshiba has launched a novel photovoltaic output photocoupler named TLX9910, designed to enhance solid-state relays used in automotive applications by delivering a higher minimum open voltage. This innovation complies with the AEC-Q101 standard, which is a critical requirement for automotive components, ensuring reliability and performance in harsh environments. The TLX9910 represents an advanced solution for controlling high-voltage power MOSFETs in solid-state semiconductor relays, which is a task that traditional photo relays struggle to perform.

One of the standout features of this new photocoupler is its open voltage capability of 13.5 V, which is almost twice that of Toshiba’s existing products. This increase is significant as it allows the TLX9910 to drive high-voltage power MOSFETs more efficiently. Additionally, the component boasts a compact form factor with its surface-mount 4-pin SO6 packaging, making it suitable for space-constrained applications.

The TLX9910 is not only notable for its electrical performance but also for its innovativeness in generating its operational power. It incorporates a photovoltaic coupler that harnesses electricity from LED light through photodiode arrays (PDA). This feature reduces the dependency on external power supplies, leading to a more integrated and potentially less complex system design.

The practical applications of the TLX9910 are varied within the automotive sector. It is particularly suitable for use in critical systems such as battery management, onboard chargers, and inverters, which are essential components in modern electric and hybrid vehicles.

Toshiba’s introduction of the TLX9910 photocoupler represents a significant step forward in semiconductor technology for the automotive industry. This component is poised to contribute to the development of more efficient and reliable electronic systems in vehicles, reflecting Toshiba’s commitment to innovation in automotive electronics.

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