Triple-A Pioneers in Bridging Traditional Finance with Blockchain Payments

25 October, 2023 - 5:17 pm (40 days ago)
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Triple-A, the dynamic digital currency payment <a href="”>enterprise with roots in Singapore, recently secured a remarkable $10 million in their Series A funding. Spearheading this significant round were Peak XV Partners, previously recognized as Sequoia India & Southeast Asia, with the vital strategic support from MENA’s tech investment titan, Shorooq Partners. This investment propels Triple-A’s capital inflow to an impressive $14 million, given their prior $4 million seed funding.

A Serial Founder with a Vision

Behind the thriving company is Eric Barbier, the visionary serial fintech entrepreneur with noteworthy successes. Prior to Triple-A, Barbier introduced Thunes, a cross-border payment platform now commanding a valuation exceeding $900 million. Moreover, Barbier’s earlier venture was the mobile messaging provider, Mobile 365, which saw a successful acquisition by Sybase in 2006.

Barbier’s drive to improve cross-border transactions was ignited during his travels to the Philippines, where he observed the tediousness of prepaid mobile credit exchanges. It was this observation and desire for efficiency that birthed Thunes. With Triple-A, Barbier’s aim shifted to addressing the hurdles businesses encountered with chargeback fraud, positioning cryptocurrencies as the perfect remedy.

Benefits of Triple-A’s Offerings

With Triple-A’s innovative solutions, businesses can relish the benefits of cryptocurrency payments, which protect them from chargeback fraud and ensure swift B2B cross-border settlements. The platform proudly supports popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, Tether, and USD Coin. With the rise of stablecoins, real-time settlements are revolutionizing payments, offering a stark contrast to the traditional multi-day clearing period of methods like SWIFT transfers.

Triple-A’s global reach is further solidified with its prestigious licenses, including ones from Singapore’s Monetary Authority and France’s central bank. This allows the company to seamlessly operate across the EU and plans to enhance its regulatory framework globally.

Diverse Applications & Growth Strategy

Currently serving over 20,000 businesses, ranging from merchants like Farfetch and the Singapore Red Cross to large corporations, Triple-A’s integration spans API to no-code methods. Their focus remains on businesses valuing compliance, regulation, and licensing, especially those aiming to adopt crypto payments without the associated intricacies.

Triple-A has also carved its niche by emphasizing its commitment to licensing and regulation, positioning itself distinctly from competitors.

A Future-Ready Approach

A testament to Triple-A’s forward-thinking approach is the statement from Peak XV’s vice president, Aakash Kapoor, emphasizing the transformative potential of blockchain-based infrastructure for global business transactions. As the future moves increasingly towards digital currency and instant transactions, Triple-A, backed by its strong regulatory framework, is poised to champion this transition.

With a clear trajectory towards reshaping the global payment landscape, Triple-A’s impressive funding round and strategic expansions set a new benchmark. The firm’s dedication to bridging the traditional and blockchain-backed payment worlds ensures that businesses globally can leverage the best of both realms, promising a future where payment processes are efficient, swift, and secure.

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