Twitch Expands Simulcasting and Addresses Doxxing Concerns

22 October, 2023 - 12:23 pm (44 days ago)
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Twitch has taken a major leap by allowing its users to broadcast concurrently on multiple live streaming services. Announced at TwitchCon in Las Vegas, this expansion allows for a significant increase in where users can simulcast, going beyond just TikTok and Instagram, which were previously permitted. The only stipulation is streamers maintaining the same or better quality on Twitch as they do on other platforms, ensuring that the Twitch user experience remains uncompromised. However, this new horizon is not open to streamers who have signed exclusive contracts with Twitch.

Simulcasting, at first glance, may appear counterproductive for the platform, potentially diverting viewership and revenue. Yet, with big-name streamers branching out and engaging with competitors like YouTube, Twitch seems to be employing a strategy of retention. By offering its creators an additional revenue stream without any conditions, it may be enticing them to stay.

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Safety Measures Heightened

Safety on the platform has been a significant concern, prompting Twitch to introduce stringent measures against doxxing and swatting – a move reflecting its commitment to user safety, both on and off its platform. Streamers and moderators are now also empowered to send anonymous warnings to users who misbehave, ensuring a more controlled chat environment. These updates to the off-platform conduct policy align with Twitch’s efforts since 2021, where they acted on serious incidents that posed threats to the Twitch community, even if these took place outside the platform.

Furthermore, Twitch has activated its Smart Detection feature, an enhancement to AutoMod, which filters inappropriate content from stream chats based on moderators’ decisions. Presently live for English channels, a wider release is on the horizon.

Product Enhancements Unveiled

Twitch is not just stopping at simulcasting and safety. They’ve announced several product changes. The “Guest Star” feature, enabling co-streams, has been rebranded as “Stream Together”, and will soon provide the option to consolidate chats. A new TikTok-like Discovery Feed that highlights live channels is currently under examination. Plus, custom animated emotes will find support in Twitch’s own alert system.

Twitch’s announcements reveal a platform navigating change, balancing competition, user engagement, and safety. By opening up simulcasting avenues, acting against online harassment, and introducing novel features, Twitch showcases its adaptability in an ever-evolving digital world. It remains to be seen how these decisions shape the platform’s future and its relationship with its vast community.

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