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UK Initiative Develops Support Package for Dementia Carers


  • UK pioneers dementia carers' support initiative.

  • Programme includes sessions, web tools, and coaching.

  • Real-life carer insights enhance programme development.

The Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, in collaboration with two renowned universities, is spearheading an innovative support system for individuals caring for family members with dementia. With substantial financial backing from the National Institute for Health Research, the initiative is crafting the CareCoach support package, a program originally established in The Netherlands, by integrating the insights of both carers and healthcare professionals into its design and testing phases.

Comprehensive Support for Carers

Aiming to fortify the mental and physical well-being of caregivers, the programme employs a multifaceted approach involving direct sessions, an online component for home use, and coaching support. These elements are structured to aid carers in adjusting to the evolving nature of their loved ones with dementia and the emotional toll of their caregiving responsibilities.

Building Resilience Through Early Intervention

Studies have shown the significant benefits of early assistance for dementia carers, notably in fostering resilience and coping capacity—a concept mirrored in the Partner in Balance initiative from The Netherlands which successfully mitigated the stress of carer responsibilities. Emphasizing extensive collaboration with carers in the development of the CareCoach programme, the initiative seeks to ensure its relevance and utility across a wide spectrum of family dynamics.

The project is guided by an advisory group comprising family carers who hold virtual discussions with researchers to share their firsthand experiences and ensure the programme’s applicability to real-world caregiving scenarios. Moreover, the team is encouraging new participants from diverse backgrounds to join the advisory group and contribute to the development process.

As the project advances, preparations are underway to conduct a comprehensive research trial to assess the efficacy of CareCoach. This trial marks a critical step in establishing a robust support system for dementia family caregivers throughout the UK.

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