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Upcoming Gaming Events: Microsoft Leads with Xbox Developer Direct, Sony’s State of Play on the Horizon


  • Microsoft sets the 2024 gaming stage with its event.

  • Sony prepares a State of Play; exact timing not set.

  • PS5's game lineup for later 2024 remains unclear.

The year 2024 begins with Microsoft seizing the spotlight through its Xbox Developer Direct on January 18th. While Microsoft’s plans are clear, anticipation builds for its industry rivals Sony and Nintendo to unveil their respective strategies for the new year.

Anticipation Builds for Sony’s Next Move

Journalist Jeff Grubb shared insights on a recent Giant Bombcast episode, revealing that Sony is preparing for a State of Play presentation. However, specific scheduling details remain uncertain, expected to occur within the next few weeks. Grubb noted that Sony’s previous presentations have had mixed receptions, implying that the upcoming event could also yield variable outcomes.

Uncertainty Surrounds PS5’s Later Year Offerings

Despite a promising lineup of early 2024 releases for the PS5, including titles like “Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth” and “Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth,” the gaming community lacks information regarding releases for the latter part of the year. The hope is that Sony will shed light on additional plans soon, keeping gamers informed and excited.

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