Voice and Video Calling Feature on the Way to X!

26 October, 2023 - 4:16 pm (35 days ago)
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Elon Musk’s rebranded social media platform, X, which was previously known as Twitter, has embarked on yet another significant move in its evolution – integrating audio and video calling functionalities. This recent development doesn’t appear out of the blue. The intent to turn X into an app capable of managing various digital tasks, ranging from news consumption to online payments and even food delivery, had been clear.

The beta release of this communication feature has been reported by various users, although its availability to the entire user base is yet to be confirmed. However, the mystery deepens as there hasn’t been any official statement from X regarding whether this service will remain exclusive to premium subscribers.

Concerns Over Safety and Privacy

Safety remains a pivotal concern for many on the platform, especially for marginalized communities who have often faced the brunt of online harassment. When users boot up X, some are greeted with the news that “Audio and Video calls are here!”. While the feature is enabled by default, the option to review or disable it is available in the Direct Messages’ settings section. Those wishing to keep the function active can refine their settings, limiting the calls to specific groups like verified users, contacts from their address book, or those they follow.

The pressing question remains: In an age where digital privacy is of paramount importance, is having the call feature activated by default the right move? For the unprepared user, an unexpected call from a random individual might be less of a feature and more of a breach of personal space.

Hints and Teases

Before the roll-out, X seemed to have given a cryptic teaser with a post that said, “ready for it…?” The anticipation of this feature isn’t a recent phenomenon; Musk had often alluded to adding these capabilities, emphasizing its availability across iOS, Android, Mac, and PC without requiring a phone number.

Monetization Strategy?

Some signs point towards a larger strategy. Insights from the platform’s code suggest a tie-in with X’s Premium subscription, though this remains speculative. Moreover, Musk has dropped hints about levying an annual fee for accessing the platform. Examples include charging users in specific countries, such as New Zealand and the Philippines.

Navigating the Digital Future

While the vision of transforming X into a hub similar to WeChat—a versatile app centralizing digital transactions—is apparent, the strategic move of integrating audio and video calls seems slightly incongruent with X’s original financial-focused objective.

The strategy of adding multiple functionalities has been a proven tactic for companies like Uber and Amazon. These firms began with a core offering and gradually expanded their services to retain users. Whether Musk’s attempt to diversify X’s offerings will bolster user retention and drive revenue remains to be seen.

The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and while companies like X strive for dominance by diversifying their offerings, it’s crucial to strike a balance between innovation and user-centricity. The integration of audio and video calls on X is a bold move, but its success hinges on user reception and the platform’s ability to maintain privacy and safety. Only time will unveil the true impact of this move on the digital realm.

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