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Wall Street Faces a Sluggish 2024 Following a Striking 2023 Market Surge


  • After a dynamic 2023, market futures suggest a slower 2024.

  • Inverted yield curve hints at a potential recession ahead.

  • Goldman Sachs adjusts its Conviction Buy List, removing several companies.

As 2024 commences, the futures are showing a downtrend, contrasting with the spectacular performance of 2023, where the Nasdaq soared by nearly 45%, the S&P 500 by almost 25%, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average by 13.75%. Despite the indices dipping on the final Friday of 2023, the year concluded on a much stronger note compared to 2022. Wall Street‘s experts anticipate a deceleration for 2024, with the possibility of significant downturns after the previous year’s gains.

Yield Curves and Economic Forecasts

Treasury yields concluded the year with mixed results, with long-term bond yields experiencing a minor decrease, while yields on short to intermediate-term securities marginally increased. The 10-year Treasury note concluded at 3.87%, a decrease from the 5% peak in late October, and the 2-year note closed at 4.25%. The inverted yield curve between these two suggests potential economic recession in the upcoming year.

Energy and Precious Metals Market Recap

Oil prices ended 2023 lower despite turbulent fluctuations throughout the year. Geopolitical concerns affecting Red Sea shipping routes eased somewhat due to increased military presence, thus stabilizing the passage for trade. Natural gas prices fell to $2.50, marking a 2.39% decrease at the year’s end. Gold completed the year with a modest decline but overall had a strong annual performance, while Bitcoin ended slightly down from its substantial annual rally.

Analyst Ratings: Upgrades and Downgrades

Several companies received analyst upgrades on January 2, 2024, including Centene Corp., Exact Sciences Corp., Expedia Group Inc., and Huntington Bancshares Inc., all witnessing increases in their price targets. Conversely, Apple Inc. faced a downgrade with a slight decrease in its price target.

Strategic Investment Changes

Goldman Sachs has made notable changes to its Conviction Buy List by removing several firms, including American International Group Inc., Bath & Body Works Inc., Boeing Co., and Shift4 Payments Inc., possibly indicating shifts in market confidence.

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