What Awaits RoboBusiness as Robots Step into the Real World?

4 October, 2023 - 7:07 pm (57 days ago)
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Historically, humanoid robots existed mostly within the confines of intricate research labs. Today, however, they are stepping into the limelight, preparing to undertake tangible tasks in our everyday environments. The RoboBusiness event in Santa Clara stands as a testament to this evolution. Scheduled to host a compelling discourse on humanoid robots, the event is expected to offer revelations about the current and future trajectory of this intriguing technology.

Leading Minds Gather

Among the eminent personalities gracing the event is Geordie Rose, the brain behind Sanctuary’s Phoenix – a humanoid marvel set to transition from generations of static prototypes to a dynamic bipedal version. Rose, with his background in quantum computing and pioneering use of reinforcement learning in robotics, embodies the very essence of innovation in this field.

Another noteworthy panelist, Jeff Cardenas, carries a legacy of transforming humanoid exoskeleton blueprints into reality. His enterprise, Apptronik, has been at the helm of crafting humanoid solutions, especially for defense sectors. Joining them is Jonathan Hurst from Agility Robotics, whose Digit stands out as a commercially viable humanoid designed for mass production.

Beyond Humanoids

But RoboBusiness isn’t just about humanoids. With discussions encompassing a spectrum of topics like the integration of robotics in agriculture to meet the global food challenge, or the groundbreaking strides made by Intuitive in surgical robotics with the Da Vinci Robot, the event promises to be a melting pot of innovation.

Generative AI‘s burgeoning role in the realm of robotics, especially its potential to redefine design, training, and commercialization processes, is set to be another highlight. The futuristic vision of surgeries, enhanced by robotics and digital tech, will be a keenly awaited segment. After all, the promise of smarter, patient-centric, and less invasive procedures paints a promising picture for the medical community.

A Global Movement

Beyond the discussions and demonstrations, the event is complemented by the Field Robotics Engineering Forum and DeviceTalks West, two significant platforms focusing on outdoor robotics and medical tech innovations, respectively.

The momentum around humanoid robots, as showcased by RoboBusiness, reflects not just technological advancements but also a shift in perception. The event underscores the sentiment that these machines, once limited to fiction and controlled environments, are ready to find their place in our world. With pioneers leading the charge and sharing invaluable insights, we’re all set to witness a fascinating chapter in the robotics narrative.

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