What’s Lurking in Malibu? What Does Dead Island 2’s “Haus” Expansion Bring?

12 October, 2023 - 1:16 pm (54 days ago)
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Dead Island 2, a game that has waded through its fair share of tumultuous waters during development, is expanding its horrors. Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver have recently revealed that the game’s first story expansion, titled “Haus”, is set to launch on November 2.

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Sinister Secrets in the Heart of Malibu

Deep within the stylish yet mysterious villa of Malibu, players will plunge into a surreal, psycho-horror narrative, striving to unveil the secrets of a techno-death cult. At the heart of this cult is its enigmatic leader, billionaire Konstantin, who preaches a dark vision for the future. It is a place where humanity’s moral compass seems to vanish, and a paragon for a darker tomorrow emerges. Players have the hefty task of navigating this twisted terrain and challenging Konstantin’s dark utopia.

Gearing Up for the Nightmare

Surviving the malevolent maze of Haus won’t be a stroll in the park. The expansion grants players an array of new lethal tools and techniques:

K-ROSSBOW: A weapon of precision, designed for the distant take-down of the undead.
Hog Roaster: A dual-purpose tool, perfect for both slaughtering and roasting zombies simultaneously.
Eight Skill Cards: Augmenting the slayer’s capabilities, these cards bring forth a myriad of new skills to face the horror.
Furthermore, players must constantly be on their toes as the terrain itself becomes an enemy. The structure of Haus’s villa distorts reason and logic, taking players through a deranged labyrinth of expanding narrative spaces and biomes, forcing them to adapt and think on their feet.

A Turbulent Journey

It’s worth noting that Dead Island 2’s journey to its present state wasn’t without hurdles. Originally envisaged to support open-world gameplay using Unreal Engine 4, technical constraints made this vision seemingly unattainable. Despite setbacks, the game has managed to carve a niche, offering a richer setting and deeper melee combat system than its predecessor.

As Dead Island 2 broadens its universe with the Haus expansion, it’s a reminder of the game’s resilience. While its past may have been mired in developmental challenges, its future looks promising, filled with darker narratives and richer gameplay experiences. Players worldwide eagerly await to dive into Malibu’s mysterious realms and confront the haunting shadows lurking within.

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