What’s the Latest from TikTok and Meta, the Pioneers of AI in Social Media?

29 September, 2023 - 2:51 pm (63 days ago)
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In today’s digital age, major social media platforms are continuously innovating to enhance user experience and maintain transparency. Two titans in the industry, TikTok and Meta, are pioneering new avenues, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to shape the way content is created and consumed.

TikTok, a platform known for its catchy videos and engaging content, has taken steps to increase clarity for its users. The new feature requires content creators to label AI-generated videos, ensuring users can easily distinguish between organically created and AI-enhanced materials. With AI-generated content seeing a surge on TikTok—from voice cloning to visual effects—this initiative helps tackle misinformation and ensures a transparent user experience. TikTok’s strategic approach, which includes potential automated AI labels in the future, emphasizes its commitment to user clarity and content authenticity.

In a similar vein, Meta, formerly Facebook, is pushing boundaries with its new range of AI-driven features. Drawing from its open-access AI model, Llama 2, Meta introduced an AI Assistant capable of generating real-time information and lifelike images from mere text prompts. Beyond this, the Assistant plans trips, chats, and even provides real-time web results. With its integration into platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger, the AI Assistant is set to redefine user interaction.

Not stopping there, Meta’s unveiling of AI personalities and generative AI stickers offers users an immersive and personalized social media experience. While the AI personalities bring celebrity and influencer interactions to a virtual space, the generative stickers offer nuanced expression, allowing users to convey emotions more authentically. Furthermore, Meta’s AI Studio platform presents businesses with an opportunity to provide tailored customer services through custom AI chatbots.

Both TikTok and Meta, in their respective pursuits, recognize the importance of transparency in the age of AI. While TikTok ensures AI-generated content is discernible, Meta commits to signifying the AI-origin of its images, thereby emphasizing their dedication to clear, genuine content.

As we tread further into the AI-augmented social landscape, these steps by industry leaders hint at the evolving synergy between technology and user experience. A new dawn of AI-powered social media awaits, promising a realm where authenticity and innovation coexist seamlessly.

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