Will Threads get DM?

15 November, 2023 - 1:05 pm (20 days ago)
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The question of whether or not Threads should have direct messages (DMs) has been hotly debated since the app’s launch. Instagram CEO and Threads boss Adam Mosseri has repeatedly said that Threads is not planning to add DMs, citing the fact that Instagram’s messaging service is already well-established and widely used.

Mosseri’s Rationale

Mosseri argues that it would be redundant to have two separate messaging systems for Threads and Instagram, as this would only serve to confuse users and fragment their conversations. He believes that focusing on making Instagram’s DM system work within Threads would be the most efficient and user-friendly approach.

Challenges of Cross-App Messaging

However, this approach presents its own challenges. Implementing a cross-app messaging system would require careful consideration of notifications, settings, and privacy controls, to ensure a seamless user experience. Additionally, integrating Threads’ federated posting with Instagram’s centralized messaging could raise compatibility issues.

Users’ Desire for DMs

Despite Mosseri’s reservations, many Threads users continue to express their desire for built-in DMs. They argue that DMs are an essential feature for any social media app, and that having them integrated into Threads would make the app more convenient and user-friendly.

Future of Threads’ Messaging

While Mosseri has ruled out building an entirely new messaging system for Threads, he has acknowledged the need for some form of private messaging on the platform. He has suggested two potential solutions: mirroring Instagram’s inbox, or allowing users to create redundant message threads on both Instagram and Threads.

The question of Threads’ DMs remains unresolved, with both potential solutions presenting their own drawbacks. While Mosseri favors leveraging Instagram’s messaging infrastructure, users continue to advocate for a more integrated and streamlined messaging experience within Threads. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to add DMs to Threads will likely depend on Meta‘s ability to address the challenges of cross-app messaging and satisfy the demands of its users.

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