X Unfurls Two New Subscription Plans Amidst Declining Ad Revenues

28 October, 2023 - 4:06 pm (33 days ago)
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As advertising revenue plummets, X—previously recognized as Twitter—has rolled out two fresh subscription tiers, marking a strategic pivot towards user subscription as a principal revenue source. This comes on the heels of the company’s experimental program in select nations, compelling new users to shell out $1 annually for the privilege of posting and responding to tweets.

Breaking Down the New Tiers

For those seeking an enhanced, ad-free experience, the “Premium+” tier, tagged at $16 per month, offers not just the elimination of advertisements from the ‘Following’ and ‘For You’ feeds but an amplified algorithmic reply boost, outclassing the lower-tier subscribers. Meanwhile, the more economical “Basic” tier, priced at $3 per month, might not boast the coveted blue checkmark or revenue-sharing but compensates with perks such as tweet editing, extended post lengths, video downloading, a modest reply boost, and encrypted DMs.

However, an intriguing observation is that these new offerings seem exclusive to the web platform, probably to sidestep surcharges linked with major app marketplaces.

Elon Musk’s Vision for X

These modifications aren’t just random endeavors to prop up revenue. They are aligned with Elon Musk’s overarching blueprint for X, envisioned since his acquisition of the platform. Musk harbors aspirations of sculpting X into an “everything app”, positioning it as a direct rival to giants like YouTube and LinkedIn. Although the precise trajectory remains under wraps, recent hints suggest potential inclusions of video streaming and job posting modules.

Furthermore, Musk’s ambitious roadmap extends beyond mere social media functionalities. Extracting credit card details from subscribers could be the precursor to a foray into the financial services domain. Speculations are rife, with reports suggesting Musk’s ambition for X to supplant traditional bank accounts by 2024’s close.

The Bigger Picture

Under Musk’s stewardship, the introduction of these subscription tiers might offer a lifeline to X. Given the platform’s dwindling advertising earnings—a staggering 60% YoY dip as of August, largely attributed to controversies leading major brands to retract their ads—it’s evident that the need for an alternative revenue stream is pressing. Notably, such radical shifts aren’t alien to Musk, who had already instituted an annual charge for users in regions like New Zealand and the Philippines.

As X endeavors to redefine its revenue model and user experience, the efficacy of these strategies in restoring the platform’s former glory remains to be seen. While some view it as an innovative step forward, skeptics question the sustainability of this model. Only time will delineate if this metamorphosis catalyzes X’s resurgence or compounds its challenges.

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