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YouTube’s Android App Experiments with Color-Themed Video Feeds


  • YouTube tests color-themed video feeds.

  • Feature available through Android app's card.

  • Utility for YouTube Music remains uncertain.

YouTube is experimenting with a new feature for its Android app that allows users to explore videos based on specific colors. The innovative approach targets users seeking a fresh method to sift through content, offering video feeds that align with chosen colors. This experimental tool provides a unique perspective on content discovery, presenting a visual method to curate video suggestions.

Introducing Color-Based Exploration

The color-centric feature is accessible via an invitation card titled “Craving something new?” which pops up on the app’s main interface. When a user selects a color, it transforms the customary white accent within the app into the chosen hue. The aim is to create a tailored feed that showcases videos with thumbnails predominantly featuring the selected color, potentially extending to the videos’ content.

Prospective Appeal and Limitations

This color-focused option may resonate with individuals who enjoy organizing digital content by color, or those intrigued by the novelty of the feature. Nevertheless, its practicality and application have come into question. Some speculate that this concept might better suit YouTube Music, where colors could more meaningfully reflect a song’s mood or genre.

Still in a trial phase, not all users have access to this feature, and YouTube has yet to make an official announcement regarding its potential widespread rollout. The testing phase allows for user feedback and fine-tuning before any permanent implementation.

Despite the experimental nature of the color-based video feeds, this initiative by YouTube demonstrates a continuous effort to enhance user interaction and content discoverability. The platform’s commitment to innovating user experience remains evident as they explore new ways to engage their audience.

YouTube’s foray into color-themed navigation could mark a new chapter in content discovery, transforming how users interact with video platforms. Whether this feature becomes a permanent addition to YouTube’s offerings will largely depend on user reception and the outcomes of this testing period.