Saturday, May 25, 2024

Ubisoft Offers Skull and Bones Free Week

Skull and Bones offers a free play week from May 30. The second season includes new enemies, ships, and game modes. Initial player engagement was strong, averaging four hours per day.

Kingmakers Trailer Shows Impressive Destruction

Kingmakers trailer shows impressive physics-based destructibility. Game blends RTS and modern warfare in medieval Wales. Inspired by alternate history story "Rome, Sweet Rome".

AMD Changes Strix Point CPU Names

AMD renames Strix Point CPUs to emphasize Ryzen AI 300 capabilities. Ryzen AI 300 series launched in 2023, revolutionizing AI in laptops. New naming reflects AMD’s strategic focus on AI-driven innovations.


Generative AI Poses Cybersecurity Risks

Generative AI increases cybersecurity risks with its widespread adoption. Immersive Labs’ study highlights AI vulnerability to prompt injection attacks. Enhanced security measures are crucial for protecting generative AI systems.

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