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Novel Stretchable and Self-Powered Nanogenerator Fiber Revolutionizes Smart Human-Machine Interfaces

MLTENGF converts mechanical stimuli into electro-optical signals in amphibious environments. The fiber maintains high sensitivity and stability after significant stretching. Applications include home security, musical instruments, and underwater communication.

Ethan Moreno Ethan Moreno

Low-Volume Core Method Revolutionizes Soft Robotic System Fabrication

Low‐volume core method enables efficient, compact soft robotic systems. Innovative LV-net actuators and LV valves enhance system functionality. New method…

Kaan Demirel Kaan Demirel

EVI-SAM: Real-Time Event–Visual–Inertial State Estimation and 3D Dense Mapping

EVI-SAM utilizes event cameras for real-time pose tracking and 3D mapping. The system combines photometric and geometric constraints for enhanced…

Ethan Moreno Ethan Moreno

Optimising Robotic Operation Speed with Edge Computing via 5G Network

Robotic strawberry harvesting requires real-time 3D mapping and high precision. The E5SH system integrates 5G networks for enhanced robotic harvesting.…

Ethan Moreno Ethan Moreno