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A Probabilistic Approach on Uncertainty Modelling and Its Effect on the Optimal Operation of Charging Stations

Study models uncertainties in renewable energy and EV loads using Monte Carlo Simulation. Rao algorithms optimize EV charging stations, outperforming existing methods. Analysis highlights need for advanced probabilistic methods in…

Ethan Moreno Ethan Moreno

Strategic Placement of EV Charging Stations in Dubai using Advanced AI Models

The study focuses on optimal placement of EV charging infrastructures in Dubai. It introduces a hybrid forecasting model combining SARIMAX…

Ethan Moreno Ethan Moreno

Adaptive Position Control Using Backstepping Technique for the Leader‐Follower Multiple Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Formation

Addresses position control in multi-QUAV formation with under-actuation dynamics. Introduces adaptive NN strategy reducing computational burden significantly. Validated through Lyapunov…

Ethan Moreno Ethan Moreno

HyperSense: Enhancing Sensor Efficiency Through Hyperdimensional Computing

HyperSense optimizes sensor efficiency using hyperdimensional computing techniques. The system minimizes redundant data, reducing energy consumption and costs. It outperforms…

Ethan Moreno Ethan Moreno