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1X Tech Hires Top Talent to Launch NEO Robot

1X hires top talent for NEO robot launch. New leadership aims to enhance design and user experience. Company prepares for market entry with strategic appointments.

Kaan Demirel Kaan Demirel

Humanoid Robot Digit Takes Center Stage

Digit humanoid showcased at ProMat 2023 for logistics tasks. Amazon and GXO Logistics piloted Digit for commercial use. Humanoid robots…

Ethan Moreno Ethan Moreno

ASTM Approves New Robotics Standards Subcommittee

ASTM International forms a new robotics applications subcommittee. The subcommittee aims to develop industry-specific standards. Focus areas include agriculture, construction,…

Kaan Demirel Kaan Demirel

Continental Expands Mobile Robots from Manufacturing to Farms

Continental Mobile Robots developed AMRs for automotive plants. Partnership with AWS enhances manageability and deployment scalability. Continental plans to introduce…

Ethan Moreno Ethan Moreno