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Alphabet Invests $5 Billion in Waymo

Alphabet invests up to $5 billion in Waymo. Waymo expands robotaxi services in U.S. cities. Waymo faces challenges, including a recent software recall.

Ethan Moreno Ethan Moreno

Intuitive Struggles to Meet Demand for New Robotic System

Intuitive Surgical faces high demand for da Vinci 5. Company emphasizes feedback and iterative updates before full launch. New features…

Ethan Moreno Ethan Moreno

Kodiak Partners with Atlas for Autonomous Trucking

Kodiak and Atlas collaborate on autonomous trucking in the Permian Basin. Driver-as-a-service model integrates Kodiak's technology with Atlas's fleet. Partnership…

Ethan Moreno Ethan Moreno

Vayu Robotics Launches Revolutionary Delivery Robot

Vayu Robotics introduced a cost-effective delivery robot. The robot uses AI models and passive sensors, bypassing lidar. Commercial deployment includes…

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