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ASTM Approves New Robotics Standards Subcommittee

ASTM International forms a new robotics applications subcommittee. The subcommittee aims to develop industry-specific standards. Focus areas include agriculture, construction, and solar applications.

Kaan Demirel Kaan Demirel

Continental Expands Mobile Robots from Manufacturing to Farms

Continental Mobile Robots developed AMRs for automotive plants. Partnership with AWS enhances manageability and deployment scalability. Continental plans to introduce…

Ethan Moreno Ethan Moreno

A&K Robotics Chooses Delta-Q for Autonomous Pod Chargers

A&K Robotics partners with Delta-Q for battery chargers. Autonomous pods to be deployed in airports and urban areas. Partnership aims…

Samantha Reed Samantha Reed

Agility Robotics Charges $30/Hour for Digit Humanoid

Agility Robotics deploys Digit humanoids at Spanx facility. CEO Peggy Johnson reveals $30/hour cost structure. Next-gen Digit to feature improved…

Kaan Demirel Kaan Demirel