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Amouranth’s New AI Companion Generates Substantial Revenue on Launch Day


  • Amouranth's AI chatbot simulates companionship.

  • Generated £34,000 on its first day.

  • Amouranth's influence fuels digital sales.

Amouranth, a prominent figure in the streaming and OnlyFans community, has made headlines with the debut of her AI chatbot, designed to forge virtual romantic relationships with users. This innovative companion offers interactions ranging from friendly chats to girlfriend experiences, and it has quickly proven to be a financial success.

Virtual Romance at a Premium

The AI bot, offering a personalized engagement, charges a tiered subscription fee, with the highest tier labeling a user as a “boyfriend” for a monthly payment of $199. This interactive platform provides text conversations, image sharing, and roleplaying elements, all contributing to an immersive experience.

Impressive First-Day Earnings

The chatbot demonstrated remarkable earning potential, accumulating over £34,000 in a single day. Amouranth, whose real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa, revealed on Twitter that users spent an average of $20 on interactions with the bot. This development underscores the significant influence that content creators possess in the digital realm.

Amouranth announced the launch of the AI on her Twitter account, emphasizing that the chatbot mimics her personality, can create custom content, and even send spontaneous pictures and voice clips, provided users treat it nicely—a subtle hint at financial incentives.

The chatbot’s promotional webpage, which is not safe for work, features a pricing menu for different levels of interaction, from a basic friend status to friends with benefits, with the latter offered at a discount for $99.99 monthly.

The service markets the AI as more than a simple chatbot by listing its capabilities, which include 24/7 availability, sentient-like behavior, proactive communication, and advanced roleplaying, all available through subscription. This offering differentiates itself with Amouranth’s extensive reach to her audience, making it a potentially profitable venture.

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