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“Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth”: A Journey Beyond 100 Hours with Expansive World Map


  • "Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth" offers a 40-hour story.

  • Side quests may push gameplay past 100 hours.

  • World map returns, enhancing exploration.

“Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth” is gearing up to be an epic saga with its main storyline clocking in at approximately 40 hours. However, when factoring in side content, gameplay duration is expected to exceed 100 hours, thanks largely to its seamless open world. The development team at Square Enix has discussed the importance of this expansive setting in enhancing the gaming experience.

Tetsuya Nomura, responsible for all “Final Fantasy 7” titles at Square Enix, expressed a strong commitment to reintroducing the world map, absent from the series since “Final Fantasy 9”. He believes the map is essential to the RPG experience, especially for “Final Fantasy 7”, and was insistent on its return.

Producer Yoshinori Kitase recounted the series’ transition to real-time 3D with “Final Fantasy 10” and how it shifted away from traditional world maps. Exploring vast landscapes was considered impractical, but discussions for “Final Fantasy 7 Remake” and “Rebirth” led to a decision to revisit and embrace the concept of an explorable world map.

“Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s” director Naoki Hamaguchi shared insights into how the world map will enhance gameplay. He detailed how the map will grant players the autonomy to embark on unique adventures based on personal interest, diverging from the central storyline.

Hamaguchi further explained that the game design allows for flexibility in the narrative, where players can choose to engage in side quests that are separate yet enriching to the main plot. This approach is intended to stimulate a sense of exploration and personal adventure.

Inspiration for the game’s side content has been drawn from “The Witcher 3,” focusing on character-driven storytelling. The developers also teased an expanded role for the character Sephiroth and intriguing developments in key scenes, ensuring surprises for both newcomers and seasoned fans. “Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth” is set for release on February 29 for the PS5.

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