Is Netflix’s Gaming Venture the Next Big Shift in Entertainment?

17 October, 2023 - 11:09 am (51 days ago)
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Netflix, the streaming behemoth, is diving deeper into the gaming landscape, blending its popular movie and TV show content with an emerging gaming vision. As the line between entertainment mediums blurs, Netflix’s gaming endeavor seeks to conquer a new frontier.

Redefining Streaming with Gaming

Initially, Netflix’s venture into gaming appeared as an expansion of their mobile gaming content. Recognizable titles, based on renowned shows like “Squid Game” and “Wednesday”, seem to be the first steps. Currently, Netflix enthusiasts can encounter games such as Exploding Kittens: The Game or Ghost Detective, available for download through external app platforms. However, a future where subscribers seamlessly play games directly on their smart TVs and computers, all under the Netflix umbrella, is in sight.

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This novel gaming approach, tethered directly to Netflix’s content library, sets it apart. Its recent introduction of a controller app for iOS devices, enabling phones as gamepads synced with TVs, adds a feather to its cap.

A Unique Gaming Model

Netflix’s gaming model has always diverged from conventional platforms. With no extra charges or additional in-game fees, the only ticket to the gaming realm is a Netflix subscription. This free-access strategy is, in many ways, Netflix’s gambit to retain viewer attention, especially during intermissions between show seasons.

As of now, the platform boasts of over 70 games, with ambitions to push that number further by the end of 2023. The journey, starting less than two years ago, has seen Netflix evolve from a novice to an indie publishing force. Testament to this growth was the release of “Love is Blind”, an interactive story inspired by the reality TV series.

Connecting the Dots: Gaming, Shows, and Strategy

Beyond its current portfolio, Netflix is in active talks to forge games grounded in other content pillars, encompassing titles like “Extraction”, the Sherlock Holmes saga, and the riveting “Black Mirror”. Even a potential tie-up with the iconic “Grand Theft Auto” series, through a licensing accord with Take-Two Interactive Software, has been rumoured.

With this expansion, Netflix appears ready not just to be a bystander but a formidable contender, even potentially locking horns with gaming giants like Sony and Microsoft.a

For Netflix, the gaming venture isn’t merely about diversifying. It’s an intricately woven strategy to boost the overall subscriber journey, making the platform more engaging and immersive. The underlying motive is clear: to anchor existing subscribers while drawing new ones, particularly when binge-worthy content takes a brief hiatus.

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