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Kawasaki Robotics Unveils New CL Series Cobots


  • Kawasaki introduced the CL series cobots at Automate.

  • CL series combines safety with high industrial performance.

  • Kawasaki remains a leader in robotics innovation and application.

At the recent Automate trade show in Chicago, Kawasaki Robotics introduced the CL family of collaborative robots (cobots), marking a significant update to their robotic offerings. This release addresses the evolving needs of industries requiring both safety in automation and high productivity levels. The firm integrated features from industrial robotics into this new series, emphasizing their commitment to technological innovation and versatility in response to customer demands.

The development of the CL series is a response to a gap that Kawasaki identified in its product lineup. The company had previously developed dual-armed cobots but realized the need for improvements in repeatability, accuracy, and environmental adaptability. In collaboration with NEURA Robotics, they designed the new cobots to achieve the speed and precision of traditional industrial robots while maintaining the safety and usability of cobots.

Kawasaki has long been a proponent of advanced automation solutions. Historically, they have leveraged partnerships to enhance their product offerings significantly. This strategy of incorporating technologies from diverse partners has allowed them to stay ahead in the competitive field of robotics. The introduction of the CL series at Automate highlights Kawasaki’s ongoing innovation trajectory, drawing from decades of experience in automation and a wide network of technological partners.

CL Series Features and Capabilities

The new CL series cobots boast a blend of intuitive interfaces and high-end industrial performance. These robots are equipped with various technical advancements including high-speed capabilities, reaching up to 200º/s, and precise repeatability of ±0.02 mm. They come in multiple models with different payload capacities and reach, addressing a broad range of industrial applications. The series also features a robust design suitable for various operational environments, evidenced by their IP66 classification.

Enhanced Collaborative Applications

In addition to the hardware, Kawasaki showcased several applications of the CL series during the Automate event. These included adaptable finishing systems and unstructured parcel sorting, which utilize both the CL series and other Kawasaki robots like the R Series. These applications demonstrate Kawasaki’s focus on versatility and adaptability, key components in responding to diverse industrial needs. Kawasaki’s partnerships, such as those with Advanced Machine & Tool and Mech Mind, have been instrumental in developing these innovative applications.

Practical Inferences from Kawasaki’s Innovations

  • The CL series’ high speed and accuracy make it suitable for precision-required operations.
  • Its robust design and IP66 rating ensure suitability in harsh industrial environments.
  • The intuitive user interface simplifies the integration of cobots in existing workflows.

Kawasaki’s commitment to innovation was further highlighted by their development of humanoid robots and advanced control systems, which promise to enhance the capabilities of their robotic offerings significantly. This continuous evolution in robotics technology by Kawasaki not only addresses immediate industrial needs but also looks forward to future demands, ensuring their position as a leader in the robotics industry.

As industries worldwide continue to embrace automation, Kawasaki Robotics remains at the forefront, driven by a combination of technological innovation and strong industry partnerships. Their latest offerings in cobots signify a significant step in making automation more accessible and efficient, which is crucial for industries looking to enhance productivity while maintaining high safety standards. This strategic direction not only helps Kawasaki maintain its market leadership but also provides substantial benefits to its customers, empowering them with advanced tools for growth and innovation.

Samantha Reed
Samantha Reed
Samantha Reed is a 40-year-old, New York-based technology and popular science editor with a degree in journalism. After beginning her career at various media outlets, her passion and area of expertise led her to a significant position at Newslinker. Specializing in tracking the latest developments in the world of technology and science, Samantha excels at presenting complex subjects in a clear and understandable manner to her readers. Through her work at Newslinker, she enlightens a knowledge-thirsty audience, highlighting the role of technology and science in our lives.

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