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Reassessment of Valuations Hits Venture-Backed Firms in 2023


  • AI sector resists the valuation downturn, with OpenAI leading.

  • Various industries see companies with over a billion-dollar valuation.

  • Even high-profile firms face down-rounds, with Stripe's value falling 47%.

In 2023, a dramatic reshaping of company valuations within the venture capital landscape has affected businesses across all stages. This has resulted in a mix of stagnated investments, devalued rounds, investment delays, workforce reductions, and some startups ceasing operations.

AI Sector Defies the Downturn

In the artificial intelligence (AI) sector, several companies have defied the downturn by securing considerable increases in valuation. OpenAI achieved a monumental valuation jump to $29 billion, representing a 2800% surge, thanks to a substantial investment by Microsoft. Meanwhile, Databricks saw a 14% valuation increase, reaching $43.2 billion after its latest funding round.

The AI industry overall has seen many entities quickly amass higher valuations. For example, Mistral AI’s value rose 672%, reaching $2 billion just six months after a seed round valued the company at $300 million. Several other AI startups also enjoyed valuation spikes of over 100% within a year or less.

Widespread Valuation Uplifts

Beyond AI, numerous sectors witnessed companies achieving up-rounds. Firms like PhonePe, Wiz, Nord Security, Zipline, Skydio, Enpal, Axiom Space, and Lendbuzz all secured investment rounds valuing them at over a billion dollars.

Valuation Declines in Prominent Companies

Conversely, 2023 also saw notable down rounds. Stripe, a potential IPO contender, experienced a 47% valuation decrease to $50 billion. Shein, a fast-fashion giant, also saw its valuation cut by 34% to $66 billion, and several other leading businesses faced significant valuation drops.

Investor Caution and Future Prospects

Klarna, a Swedish payments firm, encountered an 85% valuation decrease early in the valuation downturn, reducing its worth from $31 billion to $6.7 billion. Investors like Sequoia Capital, which have supported Klarna since its early days, remain optimistic about the future value recovery of such companies once investor confidence resurfaces.

Analysis Criteria

The data compiled in the analysis includes companies that have had disclosed valuations across several funding rounds. While not exhaustive, the list highlights some major late-stage companies that have completed high-value funding rounds, encapsulating the volatility of the startup valuation landscape in 2023.

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