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Toyota Partners with Cirba Solutions to Boost Nationwide Battery Recycling


  • Toyota expands battery recycling with Cirba Solutions.

  • New battery plant opening in 2025, recycling to double by 2030.

  • Nationwide network aims to cut costs, carbon footprint.

Toyota Motor North America is working in collaboration with Cirba Solutions to enhance its battery recycling capabilities. This partnership aims to extend Toyota’s recycling network and improve the efficiency of collecting end-of-life lithium-ion batteries, particularly from the Midwest and East Coast areas.

The recyclable batteries include those from hybrid and electric vehicles, which will be processed at Cirba Solutions’ Lancaster, Ohio facility. This plant has been granted an $82 million award from the Department of Energy, funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, and prides itself on a high recovery rate of up to 95% for critical minerals from discarded batteries, reintegrating these battery-grade metals into the supply chain.

The efforts to expand recycling operations coincide with the construction of Toyota’s new automotive battery plant, Toyota Battery Manufacturing North Carolina (TBMNC), which represents a major commitment with a $1.29 billion investment. This plant is scheduled to start operations in 2025 and is a significant step towards supporting Toyota’s electric vehicle production.

Toyota’s proactive approach to battery recycling is underscored by its current practice of collecting around 25,000 used automotive batteries annually, primarily nickel-metal hydride batteries from hybrid vehicles, through its dealership network.

The company anticipates that the need for recycling services will grow exponentially, potentially doubling by 2030, as it expects a rise in electric vehicle sales and consequently, end-of-life batteries.

The partnership with Cirba Solutions is a strategic move for Toyota, which seeks to establish a comprehensive nationwide battery collection and recycling network. This collaboration not only aims to lower costs but also to reduce Toyota’s operational carbon footprint. Christopher Yang, Vice President at Toyota Motor North America, emphasizes the importance of Cirba Solutions’ extensive transportation and recycling network in achieving these environmental and economic objectives.

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