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Why Is Galaxy A52s Screen Going White?


  • Samsung A52s screens turning white during calls.

  • Force-stopping 'Call' app is a temporary fix.

  • Software update expected to permanently resolve the issue.

The quick answer to the screen issue plaguing Galaxy A52s users during incoming calls is a compatibility problem with the call application. Samsung is aware of the glitch that renders the screen white and unresponsive and has proposed a stopgap measure. Users can temporarily circumvent the issue by forcefully stopping the call application via their device settings. This short-term solution has bought Samsung time to craft a software update expected to rectify the issue permanently.

The Galaxy A52s 5G issue is not the first instance of technical difficulties for Samsung smartphones. Historical occurrences of similar issues have seen the tech giant swiftly responding with software patches. In a consistent pattern, the company typically acknowledges the problem, suggests an interim fix, and rolls out a software update to resolve the issue. This approach has commonly ensured that disruptions to user experience are minimal and trust in Samsung’s after-sales support is maintained.

Is There a Temporary Solution?

Users impacted by the screen malfunction are directed to access their device settings, navigate to Applications, reveal system apps, and force stop the ‘Call’ app. This measure is a temporary fix aimed at restoring functionality until a more stable solution is delivered via a software update. Samsung’s acknowledgment of the problem and the prompt provision of a workaround underscores the company’s commitment to customer service.

When Will the Fix Arrive?

Samsung has assured its users that a software update to resolve the call application issue is forthcoming. Galaxy A52s owners are urged to install the latest software update as soon as they receive notification. In the interim, users can manually seek updates in their Settings under Software Update, ensuring they have the latest fixes and improvements available for their device.

What About Future Updates?

Looking ahead, the Galaxy A52s 5G smartphone is undergoing tests for the One UI 6.1 build, with expectations set for a major update release around late April or early May 2024. This indicates Samsung’s ongoing dedication to maintaining their devices with the latest software, well beyond addressing immediate technical concerns.

In a related scientific discourse, a paper titled “An Empirical Study of Android Updates and Firmware Problems” published in the Journal of Software: Evolution and Process, examines the prevalence of software issues in Android devices and the efficacy of updates. The findings suggest that while updates are essential for resolving bugs and enhancing security, they may also introduce new issues, underscoring the importance of thorough testing before widespread release. These insights are particularly relevant in the context of the Galaxy A52s situation, where a software update is anticipated to solve a pervasive problem.

Useful Information for the Reader?

– Force-stopping the ‘Call’ app is a reliable temporary solution until the update.
– Frequent software updates are essential for maintaining device performance and security.
– Users should keep an eye out for the One UI 6.1 update targeted for late April or early May 2024.

To conclude, the Galaxy A52s call app issue is a reminder of the intricacies involved in smartphone software environments. The white screen malfunction reflects a software incompatibility that Samsung is actively addressing. Users can rely on the temporary fix of halting the call app and remain vigilant for the software update that promises a permanent solution. Additionally, the forthcoming One UI 6.1 update is a testament to Samsung’s commitment to providing users with the latest technological advancements. The company’s responsive support system and continuous software development efforts are key to sustaining user confidence and device longevity.