Call of Duty Cheaters will have Their Parachutes Disabled

12 November, 2023 - 1:31 pm (25 days ago)
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Activision’s latest strategy to combat cheating in Call of Duty games, particularly in the newest release, Modern Warfare III, takes an unorthodox yet effective approach. Dubbed “Splat”, this feature targets cheaters by disabling their parachutes, causing them to plummet to their virtual demise. This method not only serves as a deterrent but also highlights the cheater’s presence in the game, making it “immediately obvious” to other players.

Innovative Tactics Against Cheating

“Splat” is part of a suite of measures Activision is employing to maintain fair play. The system can adjust a player’s velocity post-deployment, transforming a minor jump into a fatal fall. These creative strategies, including “Splat”, stem from the ongoing challenge Activision faces in curbing cheating. The ease of obtaining and affordability of cheats exacerbates this issue. However, Activision emphasizes that “Splat” won’t be triggered randomly or by player reports. Its activation relies on machine learning algorithms identifying verified cheating behavior.

The Technical Battle Against Cheaters

The struggle against cheating extends beyond in-game measures. Activision is employing its Ricochet anti-cheat technology, incorporating new “obfuscation techniques” to complicate cheat makers’ efforts in analyzing the game code. This approach is akin to constantly changing locks to prevent unauthorized access. The challenges are magnified in Modern Warfare III due to its foundation on previous game iterations, which cheat makers exploit to adapt their methods quickly.

The Future of Call of Duty and Cheating

Modern Warfare III marks the first release in the Call of Duty series following Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. While the game won’t be available on Game Pass until 2024, the focus remains on enhancing player experience by ensuring a fair and cheat-free environment. As the battle against cheaters intensifies, Activision continues to innovate and adapt, showcasing that the fight against unfair play is as dynamic as the games themselves.

Evaluating the Impact of Anti-Cheat Measures

The effectiveness of these anti-cheat measures will be pivotal in shaping the future of Call of Duty games. As Activision continues to evolve its strategies, the impact on both the cheating community and the general player base will be closely monitored. The ongoing commitment to fair play and the creative approach to enforcing it could set a new standard in online gaming, particularly in the competitive multiplayer arena.

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