Netflix’s Game List, Including Hades and Braid, is Coming to Mobile

13 November, 2023 - 11:02 am (17 days ago)
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Netflix is revolutionizing the gaming landscape by integrating over 80 games into its subscription service, accessible across iOS, Android, TV, and desktop platforms. The streaming giant’s recent Geeked Week event unveiled an exciting roster of upcoming games, including iconic indie classics, reinforcing Netflix’s commitment to diversifying its entertainment offerings.

Indie Gems Enter the Fray

Key among the newly announced titles is ‘Hades’, a critically acclaimed rogue-lite dungeon crawler from 2020. Soon to be available for iOS Netflix subscribers, ‘Hades’ immerses players in a replayable underworld odyssey. Players embody Zagreus, the Underworld’s prince, navigating through ever-changing levels with a rich narrative and character ensemble.

‘Braid’, a classic time-manipulation platformer, is also joining Netflix’s game library on iOS and Android. The Anniversary Edition of ‘Braid’ promises enhanced audio, visually revamped animations, and new puzzles, accompanied by insightful developer commentary, offering a fresh take on this beloved title.

‘Death’s Door’, another indie standout from 2021, will soon become a mobile exclusive for Netflix subscribers. This Zelda-esque adventure casts players as a soul-collecting crow, navigating the bureaucratic intricacies of the afterlife’s Reaping Commission Headquarters.

Netflix’s Originals Transition to Gaming

Netflix is also adapting its original shows and movies into games, bringing familiar narratives into interactive realms. ‘Shadow and Bone: Enter the Fold’, set between the first two seasons of the series, is already available, while games like ‘Chicken Run: Eggstraction’ and ‘The Dragon Prince: Xadia’ are slated for a 2024 release. Additionally, a game based on ‘Money Heist’ is in the works, coinciding with the spinoff series ‘Berlin’.

The Expanding World of Netflix Gaming

Since November 2021, Netflix has been steadily growing its gaming portfolio. Alongside the aforementioned indie games, the platform has launched titles like ‘Netflix Stories: Love Is Blind’ and ‘Ghost Detective’, enhancing the post-binge-watch experience. Gamers can now immerse themselves in diverse worlds, from escaping Hades’ depths to solving time-bending puzzles in ‘Braid’.

A New Era for Subscribers

Netflix’s latest gaming venture represents a significant stride in offering a comprehensive entertainment experience. By blending high-quality gaming with its streaming services, Netflix is not just diversifying its portfolio but also redefining the boundaries of digital entertainment. This move could potentially reshape how subscribers engage with content, blurring the lines between passive viewing and interactive gaming. The integration of indie games, particularly, highlights Netflix’s focus on quality and variety, appealing to a broad spectrum of audiences and interests. As Netflix continues to expand its gaming offerings, it sets a new precedent for streaming platforms, transforming them into multifaceted entertainment hubs.

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