Halo Infinite’s New Season Brings Revamped Modes and Dynamic Maps

10 October, 2023 - 8:12 pm (57 days ago)
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The gaming community is buzzing with excitement for the forthcoming Season 5 of Halo Infinite, named “Reckoning”. With its release on the horizon, there’s a plethora of enhancements and additions anticipated to reshape the Halo Infinite landscape.

Diving into the New Additions

One of the standout features of the upcoming season is the introduction of two captivating multiplayer maps: Prism and Forbidden. Prism intrigues with its cave of Needler-like crystals, promising a gameplay filled with strategic depth. In contrast, Forbidden offers vast open-air terrains, punctuated by elevated bridges that challenge players with its treacherous layout.

Adding to the gameplay dynamics, the much-loved Extraction mode from Halo 4 is set for a resurgence, adapted to fit the new season’s narrative. Further heightening the gameplay’s versatility, Forge creators will be empowered with enhanced enemy AI customization options, thus broadening the horizons for tailor-made modes.

Navigating the Battle Pass Alterations

With Season 5, the game’s monetization is taking a noticeable shift. The free tiers of the Battle Pass are now compacted into the initial 20 ranks. Players need to stay alert as once the new Operation commences on November 14th, access to these free tiers will be locked away, nudging players towards the Premium Battle Pass. This Premium variant not only extends the reward tiers but also comes with a 1,000 Credits boon, paving the way for future pass acquisitions.

Customizations and More

Players are in for a treat with the influx of customization possibilities. Flood-themed cosmetics, the ability to interchange helmets across Armor Cores, and the introduction of the Mark VI Armor Kit pave the way for a unique battlefield aesthetic. Moreover, with the Battle Pass XP now linked to time spent in the Custom Games Browser, players have yet another avenue to bolster their progress.

Anticipation Peaks

The gaming community is poised on the cusp of what appears to be a transformative update for Halo Infinite. The incorporation of revered modes, fresh terrains, and a slew of customization options sets the stage for an enthralling gaming adventure. Only time will tell if Season 5 lives up to its burgeoning promise.

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