Meta’s Threads Challenges X with New Features

27 October, 2023 - 12:10 pm (34 days ago)
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In a strategic bid to rival platform X, Meta‘s Instagram Threads app has integrated features like GIFs and polls, allowing its users a more engaging experience.

Feature Overviews: GIFs and Polls

GIF Integration: Elevating User Interaction
Threads has introduced a native option for its users to post GIFs, eliminating the need for third-party tools. A dedicated GIF button, placed adjacent to the image gallery button, lets users access and browse through a comprehensive GIPHY library, a step forward given Meta’s prior acquisition of Giphy. Though the acquisition fell through due to regulatory concerns, the GIF feature underscores Threads’ ambition to enhance user engagement.

Polls: Voice of the Audience

Taking cues from the success of polls on X, Threads has integrated a polling option. This feature lets users design a poll with up to four choices, determining the audience who can participate. Designed to be time-bound, the polls last 24 hours, maintaining transparency by displaying results only to those who took part.

Given the rising popularity of polls on social platforms like X, it serves as an interactive tool, often utilized to gather opinions or merely for entertainment. On X, polls have emerged as a medium for users to contribute their thoughts even if they aren’t frequent content creators. Notably, industry leaders like Elon Musk have leveraged the feature for significant company decisions.

Enhanced Engagement – Threads’ Vision

Threads, since its launch in July, has been proactive in evolving its user interface and features, continuously adapting to its growing user base. Within a short span, the platform has garnered attention, boasting nearly 100 million monthly active users, a number revealed by Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. With these numbers, Zuckerberg hints at the possibility of Threads joining the billion-user club in Meta’s portfolio.

However, as Threads races to solidify its position against X, it doesn’t just stop at cloning features. Threads is exploring options beyond, as observed with its unveiling of audio and video calls. Despite Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s head, stating that Threads would not highlight news, it has been found working on a ‘Trending Topics’ feature, a move that could make it more in line with X’s offerings. The public launch date of this feature remains ambiguous.

Further amplifying its competitive stance, Adam Mosseri disclosed on the same day that Threads would experiment with features like view counts and pinned posts or replies, mimicking X’s features. These additions, Mosseri believes, would provide users with an enhanced understanding of their content reach.

The Competitive Landscape

Despite the enhancements, Threads faces the challenge of contending with X’s established user base and reputation as a real-time news and trend discovery platform. The journey ahead for Threads will be about balancing feature integration with unique offerings, ensuring it doesn’t merely shadow X but establishes its distinctive identity.

Threads’ aggressive feature rollout demonstrates Meta’s intent to establish the platform as a formidable X rival. However, true success will hinge not just on imitating popular features, but innovating beyond to create a unique user proposition. With the social media landscape continually evolving, it remains to be seen how Threads carves its niche amidst stalwarts.

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