Microsoft Prohibits Use of Unauthorised Third-Party Controllers and Accessories

31 October, 2023 - 1:08 pm (31 days ago)
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Microsoft is tightening its grip on Xbox ecosystem integrity by rolling out a new measure that bars the use of unauthorized third-party controllers and accessories. Starting recently, users have been receiving notifications about their non-compliant devices being ineligible for use with Xbox consoles, indicating a significant policy shift towards promoting “Designed for Xbox” hardware.

Microsoft Enforces Xbox Hardware Standards, Restricting Unofficial Accessories

A user took to the gaming forum Resetera to share their experience of being alerted to the impending restriction after connecting a non-official Xbox controller. The device worked initially but was flagged for a ban after two weeks, as per Microsoft’s error code 0x82d60002. The company’s stance is unyielding: customers should seek refunds for such unauthorized products, hinting at a zero-tolerance policy for non-compliant hardware.

This crackdown is speculated to target cheating devices that have become prevalent among gamers looking for an unfair edge. It also seems to align with Microsoft’s strategy to enhance sales of its proprietary controllers and accessories. Brook Gaming, a third-party manufacturer affected by the ban, has committed to exploring solutions for its customers, signaling potential turbulence for the third-party hardware market.

Microsoft’s move also has implications for specific gaming communities, particularly those reliant on third-party devices like fighting game enthusiasts. High-profile figures within the community have voiced concerns, emphasizing the non-cheating nature of such devices and their importance for local gaming events.

As Microsoft implements these changes, the company remains silent on the specifics behind the policy. This has led to discussions among users and experts, some of whom speculate it could be related to an upcoming expansion of Microsoft’s official third-party wireless controller lineup.

Microsoft’s approach to safeguarding its gaming ecosystem’s integrity through stricter hardware policies could reshape the peripheral market and user behavior. While the official communication from Microsoft is awaited, the gaming community is left to adapt to this new reality, where only approved devices can be part of the Xbox experience.

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