What Recent Innovations Did Qualcomm Introduce Focusing on Artificial Intelligence?

25 October, 2023 - 11:43 am (37 days ago)
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In a significant leap for the tech industry, Qualcomm has unveiled its latest innovations at the Snapdragon Summit 2023, focusing intently on on-device artificial intelligence (AI) experiences.

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Snapdragon’s AI Prowess

The freshly introduced Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and X Elite chips, both architected for optimal generative AI capabilities, will revolutionize how AI operates on mobile devices and Windows 11 PCs. With these chips, Qualcomm ensures that massive language models, transformer network-based automatic speech recognition, and language vision models can function entirely without internet connectivity. This paves the way for running advanced models like Baidu’s ERNIE 3.5, OpenAI’s Whisper, Meta’s Llama 2, and Google’s Gecko on personal devices.

These chips are not just about processing power but versatility. They’re crafted to handle voice, text, and image inputs efficiently, a capability achieved through the sophisticated combination of the Oryon CPU, the Adreno GPU, and Hexagon NPU in the Qualcomm AI Engine.

The Promise of On-Device AI

This shift towards on-device AI offers a plethora of benefits. Devices can interact faster, with no delay from querying the cloud. Additionally, AI becomes more tailored over time, becoming smarter and better aligned with user preferences.

One of the highlighted features is the generative AI’s capacity to tackle complex tasks efficiently. From summarizing meetings and drafting emails for everyday consumers to generating computer code or music for business applications, the potential applications are boundless. Qualcomm’s prior work with edge AI is also being integrated, enabling users to edit photos in real-time with multiple layers, enhance images in low light, remove undesired objects, and even watermark images to certify their authenticity.

AI’s Expanding Frontier

Beyond PCs and mobile devices, Qualcomm’s AI ambitions are scaling up. The current 10-13 billion parameter limit is set to expand to over 20 billion parameters as new chip iterations are developed. The future envisions these on-device models reaching up to 100 billion parameters, especially when considering applications in areas like Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) which integrate data from multiple sources.

A Unified AI Vision

The Snapdragon Summit wasn’t just about hardware. It was a vision of the future of on-device AI. As Qualcomm’s CEO Cristiano Amon expressed, the era of AI is upon us. With Snapdragon’s unique positioning, generative AI will permeate everywhere Snapdragon technology is found. This commitment to on-device AI showcases Qualcomm’s leadership role in this transformative tech landscape.

A Glimpse Ahead

Qualcomm’s latest products, including the Snapdragon Sound with AI for noise cancellation and Snapdragon Seamless for inter-device compatibility, underscore its holistic approach. With partners sharing their insights during the summit, the future promises an even deeper integration of AI into daily life, reshaping user-device interactions.

The Snapdragon Summit 2023 has set the stage for a future where AI is more personal, efficient, and omnipresent. Qualcomm’s dedication to driving on-device AI will not only elevate user experiences but also redefine the very fabric of human-tech interaction. As devices grow smarter, their potential to augment our lives becomes limitless.

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