Are Intel’s Core i5-14400 and Xeon E-2400 CPUs the Game-Changers We’ve Been Waiting For?

17 October, 2023 - 2:44 pm (45 days ago)
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Despite a forthcoming release in early 2024, the Intel Core i5-14400 benchmarks have made an unexpected appearance on the Geekbench 6 database. The design, mirroring its Core i3-13400 counterpart, boasts a total of 10 cores and 16 threads. With its core strength lying in a base clock of 2.5 GHz that can peak at 4.7 GHz, the chip holds 20 MB of L3 and 9.5 MB of L2 cache. Power efficiency also seems to be a priority, with the TDP capped at 65W at PL1 and 148W at PL2.

Performance metrics shine a light on the Core i5-14400’s capability with a marked increase in both single-core and multi-core scores over the Core i5-13400. However, with the Core i5-14400’s test results stemming from a singular entry and the Core i5-13400’s average being based on numerous chip tests, a disparity is bound to exist. Still, with its pricing matching its 13th Gen counterpart, this chip, combined with an entry-level B760 or H610 motherboard, could set the stage for a powerful gaming experience.

Re-emergence of Intel’s Entry-Level Workstation CPUs

In a surprising move, Intel has unveiled details about its Xeon E-2400 CPUs on the company’s support page. Positioned as the successors to the E-2300 series, these CPUs primarily utilize the tried-and-tested Raptor Cove P-Cores from the Raptor Lake-S series. Setting itself apart from past iterations, the new series dismisses hybrid designs in favor of P-Cores.

Xeon E-2400’s foundation, the Catlow platform, stands as a successor to the older Tatlow Xeon E-2300 series. Embracing a more widely recognized Intel’s LGA 1700 socket, this new platform promises enhancements in areas like memory support (leveraging DDR5) and storage compatibility with PCIe Gen5. A nod to the CPU’s lineage, the Xeon E-2488, a powerhouse with an 8-core & 16 thread configuration, retains a 95W TDP. Nevertheless, it packs a punch with a turbo frequency touching 5.6 GHz.

It’s intriguing to witness the Xeon E-2400 series emerge, especially after the silence post their 2021 Rocket Lake architecture-based release. Intel remains tight-lipped about an official launch, leaving the industry waiting in anticipation.

The recent revelations around Intel’s Core i5-14400 and Xeon E-2400 CPUs paint a picture of a company poised for technological advancements. While the Core i5-14400 promises performance with its impressive benchmarks, the Xeon E-2400 series appears to be reviving Intel’s dedication towards the workstation market. With strategic updates and design choices, Intel seems to be setting the stage for a formidable presence in the market once these chips officially roll out.

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