ATI Industrial Automation Launches Next Generation Manual Tool Changer MC-50

2 November, 2023 - 2:25 pm (28 days ago)
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A groundbreaking advancement in robotic automation, ATI Industrial Automation‘s MC-50 Manual Tool Changer, has been unveiled, setting a new standard in manual tool exchange systems for robots. This innovation comes at a time when industries are seeking more efficient and flexible solutions in automation.

The MC-50 is a testament to intuitive engineering, allowing operators to swiftly switch between end-of-arm robot tooling with an ergonomic lever action. Its compatibility with both collaborative and small industrial robots—supporting up to 25 kg and 10 kg payloads respectively—makes it a versatile addition to various manufacturing settings. The incorporation of an ISO 50 mm mounting interface signifies its readiness to adapt to most cobots and a plethora of common end-effectors available in the marketplace.

Safety has not been overlooked; the MC-50 includes a safety latch button to prevent accidental uncoupling, ensuring operations proceed without unintended interruptions. The design thoughtfully integrates electrical and pneumatic utilities to cater to a wide array of end-effectors, further emphasizing its adaptability.

This innovation is not just about enhancing performance; it is about enabling diverse industries to scale new heights in productivity. The MC-50 is poised to become an indispensable tool in sectors such as electronics, aerospace, and automotive, which are known for their stringent demands for precision and reliability.

ATI Industrial Automation has long been at the forefront of robotic accessory development, with products that span from robotic tool changers to force/torque sensing systems. The company’s ethos of engineering excellence is reflected in the numerous applications their products have found worldwide, from renowned corporations to elite institutions like NASA and Johns Hopkins University.

The introduction of the MC-50 Manual Tool Changer is more than just a product launch; it is an embodiment of ATI’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in robotic automation. The company’s history of accolades, including a recent award from FANUC America Corp., speaks to its ability to not only innovate but also to contribute meaningfully to safety and efficiency in challenging environments such as oil rigs.

With this latest innovation, ATI Industrial Automation continues to solidify its position as a pivotal player in the evolution of robotics, providing tools that are not just cutting-edge but also pivotal in defining the future of manufacturing and automation.

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