Alan Wake 2 Challenges PC Gamers with Mesh Shader Requirements

23 October, 2023 - 3:37 pm (45 days ago)
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For many years, gamers with older generation graphics cards could still enjoy newer games, albeit on lower settings. But the upcoming Alan Wake 2 by Remedy Entertainment poses a different kind of challenge. Announced last Friday, the PC requirements for the game, especially concerning graphics cards, have been a hot topic.

From the details provided, neither NVIDIA‘s GTX 10 Series nor AMD’s Radeon RX 5000 Series can run the game. The reasoning? They lack hardware support for Mesh Shaders. A now-deleted tweet from a Remedy developer confirmed this detail.

Mesh Shaders, not an entirely new technology, first made waves in December 2018. It aims to overhaul the geometry pipeline by introducing the benefits of the compute programming model. The process boosts performance and allows a much more intricate geometry level. NVIDIA first showcased this with its Asteroids demo, while NetEase’s Justice MMO was the only game to integrate this tech extensively before Alan Wake 2.

Mesh Shader’s Implications

Graphics cards not compatible with Mesh Shading will struggle to run Alan Wake 2. Redditors quickly shared snapshots of a deleted post from a Remedy developer, highlighting why certain graphics card series were absent from the requirements. There’s speculation about a potential vertex shader path existing within the game but sidelined due to performance hitches. If true, this might pave the way for modders to resurrect it, providing a glimmer of hope for gamers with older GPUs.

Introduced with DirectX 12 Ultimate in 2020, Mesh Shaders sought to substitute the conventional vertex and geometry shaders. This development makes the rendering process more efficient, but requires specific GPU support. Hence, players with older cards might face a roadblock with Alan Wake 2.

PC Gamers, Brace Yourselves

Gamers have been eyeing the launch of Alan Wake 2, especially after Remedy Entertainment unveiled its global release timings. The comprehensive PC requirements, particularly the distinction between ray tracing enabled and disabled, have become the talk of the gaming community. The game’s high demand even on the lowest settings indicates that players should brace themselves for a next-level graphical experience.

Across setups, one consistency remains: an SSD is essential, with about 90 GB of storage space and 16 GB of RAM. These prerequisites, combined with the graphics card challenge, make Alan Wake 2 a potential benchmark for PC gaming.

Alan Wake 2, slated for launch on October 27 across platforms, has undoubtedly stirred interest and anxiety in the gaming community. The introduction of Mesh Shading and the requirements it imposes will set a precedent. How developers and gamers navigate this new terrain will be pivotal in shaping the future landscape of PC gaming.

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