Has Turn 10’s Latest Update Put the Brakes on Forza Motorsport’s Glitches?

18 October, 2023 - 7:33 pm (43 days ago)
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The Forza Motorsport franchise has been a beacon for racing enthusiasts for years. Recently, Turn 10 Studios released Update 1.0, a comprehensive patch aimed at amending a range of issues that players faced in the game, particularly on the Xbox Series X/S and PC platforms.

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Central to the concerns addressed in this update are various crash scenarios. One notable bug that many racers encountered in the Builders Cup after upgrading their vehicle and delving into Open Practice during the Fox Body Challenge on Watkins Glen has been rectified. Another prevalent issue, causing the game to crash in Free Play when players had an excessive number of vehicles with custom thumbnails in the My Cars menu, has been resolved.

Furthermore, crashes that could manifest during certain cinematics, like when entering Open Practice for the third race of the Builders Cup Intro Series at the Grand Oak Club Circuit, or when initiating a Free Play race, have also been mended.

Adjustments for Better Progression

Turn 10 hasn’t just limited its focus to crashes. The update brings changes to car progression within Forza Motorsport. They’ve reworked car part unlock levels to ensure that players have enhanced upgrade choices at the initial car levels. The objective is that most car components should become available within a solitary Builders Cup series. Alongside this, they’ve also ensured that Car Affinity manufacturer reward discounts come into play when they’re supposed to, specifically when a gamer attains Car Level 50 with a vehicle from the affiliated brand.

Multiplayer Enhancements

On the multiplayer front, some crucial modifications have been made. For instance, a loophole in Featured Multiplayer, which allowed players to register unattainable lap times on the Qualifying leaderboard under certain conditions, has been closed. Additionally, issues regarding incorrect Safety Rating and Driver Skill Ratings used for matchmaking and control problems post pit-exit in Featured Multiplayer have been rectified. The update also tackles a snag that hindered players from downloading and preserving another player’s livery during a Private Multiplayer pre-race.

The recent launch of Forza Motorsport on the PC and Xbox Series S|X platforms and its addition to NVIDIA‘s GeForce NOW cloud platform highlight its increasing popularity and footprint in the gaming world.

Insight into the Upgrade

While patches and updates are common in the dynamic world of gaming, Turn 10 Studios’ commitment to continually refining and perfecting the Forza Motorsport experience is evident in this comprehensive update. Players can anticipate smoother gameplay, fewer disruptions, and an enriched gaming experience as they race through their favorite tracks.

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